The Caribbean, a region renowned for its mesmerizing beaches and sapphire-blue lagoons, is also a hidden gem for surf enthusiasts. With the Caribbean Sea on one side and the mighty Atlantic on the other, the islands offer a myriad of surfing experiences, from colossal barrel waves to gentle rollers for beginners. So, grab your board and immerse yourself in the tropical rhythm of the Caribbean surf!


The Best Popular Caribbean Countries for Surfing
Surfer on a coastline expecting the big wave. Barbados

Bathsheba Beach

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Barbados, Bathsheba Beach is a mecca for surfers, known for its world-class waves. This limestone island takes pride in its many surf breaks, especially the ‘soup bowl,’ which forms big, steep waves that experienced surfers dream about. With consistent trade winds and warm waters, Bathsheba is an excellent spot for a thrilling surfing experience year-round.

Expert Tip: Surf shoes or foot coverings are recommended to protect your feet from sea urchins and sharp coral edges.

Dover Beach

If you’re a novice surfer, Dover Beach, located on the southwestern coast of Barbados, is a great place to start. This beach offers calmer wave conditions compared to Bathsheba, making it an ideal location for beginners. Surfboard rentals are available at Dover Beach, and there are several surf schools offering lessons at around $75 USD for 2 hours.


Duppies, on the north coast near Harrison’s Point Lighthouse, is another fantastic surf site. This location is known for its powerful waves, making it more suitable for experienced surfers. It’s a bit tricky to find, so asking locals for directions is advisable.

Puerto RicoThe Best Popular Caribbean Countries for Surfing

Puerto Rico, with its warm waters year-round, is another top surf destination in the Caribbean. The surf scene here ranges from waves about 2ft high over a sandy bottom to taller, more intense barrels with reef breaks. Beginners will love Middles Beach in Isabela, while the Gas Chamber in Aguadilla offers a bit of everything for everyone.

Note: The prime time for surfing in Puerto Rico is from August through April, with the cooler months being ideal for hitting the waves.


Bull Bay

Jamaica may be famous for its stunning beaches, but it’s also a fantastic surf destination. Bull Bay, also known as Copa Bay, is where surfing in Jamaica began to gain momentum. The first surf school on the island, Jamnesia Surf School, was established here and offers surf lessons for around $30 USD per hour.

Boston Bay

Boston Bay, on the north coast, is another popular surf spot in Jamaica. Ideal for beginners, the waves here tend to be calmer. Surfboard rentals are available on this beach, and there are facilities like changing rooms, bathrooms, and showers as well.

Makka Beach

Makka Beach, on the southeastern shore of Jamaica, is a surfer’s paradise. This beach was the site of Jamaica’s first professional surf competition, the Makka Pro Surf Contest, which has grown to be one of the biggest surf competitions in the Caribbean.

Dominican RepublicThe Best Popular Caribbean Countries for Surfing

The Dominican Republic is another hotspot for surf enthusiasts. Some of the best surf locations in the Dominican Republic are on the north coast, offering excellent wind conditions and more wave action during the winter months.

Insider Tip: If you prefer moderate swells, you can surf anytime in the Dominican Republic. But for bigger waves, the best time to visit is between October and April.

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago offer some of the best beaches for surfing in the Caribbean. The most well-known spots are near the village of San Souci in Trinidad. Sister island Tobago also offers decent surfing at Mount Irvine Beach.

Good to Know: The best time to surf in Trinidad and Tobago is between December and April when the passing trade winds produce more consistent waves along the coast.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a dream destination for many, including surfers. This island territory made up of 700 islands and even more cays is home to some amazing surf spots.

Surfer’s Beach, Eleuthera

The aptly named Surfer’s Beach in The Bahamas appeals to surfers of all experience levels. Located on the island of Eleuthera, this beach is known for its beach breaks that are said to be comparable to that of surfing hotspots in Hawaii and Costa Rica.

Elbow Cay, Great Abaco

Great Abaco offers incredible surfing, especially near Elbow Cay, a 6-mile long islet off the coast of this island. You can expect to have beach breaks near the island’s main settlement, Hope Town.

Rum Cay

Rum Cay, in the southeastern end of The Bahamas, is a surfers’ haven. There are around 14 surf breaks around Rum Cay, making it a fantastic place for fun surf sessions.


Antigua, more of a kitesurfing destination than standard surfing, does offer some surfing fun. Jabberwock Bay is a great place to start, offering conditions for a safe and exciting surf experience.


The Best Popular Caribbean Countries for Surfing
Young man catches a wave on his surfboard on Aruba island in the Caribbean Sea

Aruba, located in the Dutch Caribbean, is known for its white sandy beaches and calm, turquoise waters. While it may not be the first destination that comes to mind for surfing, Aruba does offer some great surf spots. Palm Beach is one of the best beaches for surfing in Aruba, with waves ranging from one to two feet on most days. The water is warm, making it an ideal spot for beginners to learn how to surf. Other surf spots in Aruba include Boca Grandi and Andicuri Beach. So, if you’re looking to combine a beach vacation with some surfing, Aruba is the perfect destination.

When is the Best Time to Surf in the Caribbean?

No matter when you plan your vacation, you can always find a place to surf in the Caribbean. However, the best time to catch great waves is typically during the ‘winter’ months of November through May. During this time, many people escape colder weather by vacationing in sunny islands like Barbados.

Wrapping Up

The Caribbean islands are undoubtedly a paradise for surfers. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned surfer, there’s a perfect wave waiting for you in the Caribbean. So, pack your board and get ready to ride the Caribbean waves!

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