Visiting Ocean Coral Spring - One of Jamaica's Most Famous Resorts

What’s the deal about Ocean Coral Spring?

Entrance Ocean Coral Spring Resort

Ocean Coral Spring is one of those heavily marketed resorts in Jamaica. It’s not that the destination itself is doing this heavy marketing. It’s for the most, the people of Jamaica. Back then, it probably wasn’t as famous, but owing to COVID-19, it now is. Photos and snaps of people vacaying at Ocean Coral Spring, whether it is extended or a day pass are everywhere on social media. This peaked during the early stages of the pandemic when there were some good deals. Because of its popularity, we just had to check it out to see what all the thrill is about.

First of all, the location is pretty unique. It is everything! It feels like a secret village locked away in a remote area where you can just get away…forever! Located just north of the Cockpit Country, Trelawny, Jamaica, it is blanked between these hills, and the tropical ocean.

With that, trust me when I say it is the perfect spot to release all tension, relax, and just free your mind. Read on to see exactly why this is the ideal relaxation destination!

The resort itself feels like a community where you have everything to your comfort without having to worry about the outside world. Thankfully, Ocean Coral Spring is also a family friendly all-inclusive resort just like Azul Beach Resort in Negril. You can check out our experience at Azul here. Ocean Coral Spring also has an adult only exclusive section called Ocean Eden Bay.

The best view you can find

Imagine a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds! It is ideal if you fall somewhere between a mountain and verdure lover, and an ocean lover. You will be able to see both the view of the mountains, in close proximity, and the view of the ocean. Where else can you really find that? Furthermore, you get the best view of these scenery from the residential areas – from both balconies. From the south balcony, we could admire the hills and lush green landscape of the property and its surroundings. From the north balcony, there is even more to see. We got to experience the life of Ocean Coral Spring. It’s like a peaceful village with plenty of attractions for recreation and entertainment, sport, dining and shopping.

These are some of the facilities at Ocean Coral Spring:

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Sports Bar
  • Theatre
  • Children play area
  • Disco

Bedroom at Ocean Coral Spring

The bedrooms at Ocean Coral Spring are larger than most rooms I’ve seen at resorts. Though similar facilities and structure to others, it was quite spacious. The room is split into two – the bedroom, and a living room space. Of course there is also a bathroom. What’s different about this resort is that the bathroom has a tub. The living space is suitable for study, work and virtual meetings. Additionally, you can relax on the sofa. It is modern and comfortable.

The balcony is also spacious. It has a comfortable swinging chair, two woven chairs, and a mini table. With some champagne or wine, you could literally stay here for the entire day. It’s that comfortable! The comfort isn’t the only reason why you’d want to stay there. You can savour in the moment and life at Ocean Coral Spring from your balcony! You can see and immerse yourself into the heart of the entertainment outside. The pool area surrounded by the buildings is like “Ocean Coral Spring central.” There you will see people dancing, swimming in the pool, relaxing, and enjoying themselves. It reminds me of a big back yard with a party.

When exhausted from all of that, you can shut yourself in from the music and the world outside. The room is sound-proof, so once you close the balcony door, it is quiet and noise free. Also, thankfully, the television at Ocean Coral Spring is HD. The room has a Samsung TV. The television doesn’t have much features, but it is smart enough. You can cast from other devices and browse the net on it, as it connects to the wifi.

For the most, the room was comfortable to live in, but the fridge was the most pestering thing about our stay there. It was cornered into a small cupboard which restricted the door, so it was problematic to open and close.

Our best experiences/attractions at Ocean Coral Spring

1. The water life

I did not know that I could enjoy water this much. No, not the beach. There is a stretch of beach of course, but who needs a beach when life is so vibrant on land, when…a river is present…well, the lazy river pool, and an abundance of pools? Though the pools were not as deep, only 3 ft, we could not complain. The feeling of being in the water, and the surrounding life and entertainment sufficed. Everyone around seemed to have genuinely enjoyed themselves, and that is what matters most. The members of the Ocean Coral Spring community looked content.

The lazy river pool was my favourite thing. If I could, I would’ve stayed in it for the entire day, but there were still so many things to explore. It’s thrilling! It is hands down the most memorable experience.

2. So much food to choose from!

This is everyone’s favourite part! We like a buffet style serving because we can see what we’re getting. We taste firstly with our eyes, then nose, then tongue right? This serving style is offered at Martha’s Market that we decided to stick to because we preferred to let our eyes decide what might satisfy us. Martha’s Market had all types of international cuisine you can think of, so why not? There are however other food options. We wanted to experience the Japanese cuisine at Sakura, however unfortunately, it was closed for the full day that we spent there, and it is one that you’d have to book priorly, so we couldn’t book it the day that we arrived. There is also an Indian restaurant called Thali that you would have to reserve as well.

We also visited the Red Snapper restaurant, close to the beach. This restaurant offers mainly Jamaican style cuisine. Nonetheless, you can find most food offered there at Martha’s Market, so again…why not?

Other restaurants include: La Locanda a la carte Italian restaurant, Sugarcane Jamaican restaurant, Thali a la carte Indian restaurant, Privilege a la carte in the Privilege Lounge, and Route 66. I actually tried Route 66. It’s over-night “save my life” type of restaurant, but they don’t offer much. They only serve burgers, hot dog or chicken nuggets with fries and drinks. They were short on everything else when I went there, after waiting 30 minutes to be served, only to be told that they have only hot dogs remaining.

3. Swim-up Bar

Swim Up Bar Ocean Coral Spring ResortOcean Coral Spring has two swim-up bars, but that is not as many as Azul Beach Resort. One is located at the lazy river pool, and one at the main pool. The cocktail at the swim-up bars is next to none. We experimented with the two tropical flavoured smoothies served at the lazy river pool swim-up bar. The strawberry and mango smoothies were really sweet and delicious. If you’re a non-alcoholic beverage person, or if you’re just in the mood for something sweet and refreshing, these will do, but of course, there will always be alcohol.

4. Entertainment

Ocean Coral Spring has a comprehensive entertainment package just like other resorts. There are several places where you can be entertained at Ocean Coral Spring. One of the unique entertainment feature is that they have a Spanish base, as well as English or Jamaican-based entertainment. Their entertainment team called the Blue Team is responsible for bringing daily and nightly entertainment activities.

Live Performance at The Ocean Coral Spring ResortThere is a theatre for theatrical performances, not limited to Jamaican, which operates at nights, a Disco and Teen Lounge for partying, as well as a Piano Bar. There are also outdoor events. We caught a splendid violin performance by a stunning woman which really blew our minds. On the Friday night, there was also a mechanical bull. It was a lot of excitement!

During the days the entertainment continues. In the pool region, or what I like to call the back yard, a variety of music is played, ranging from Dancehall, to Soca, to R&B. In these sessions, foreigners can learn how to do Jamaican dances.

The entertainment doesn’t stop here. Anywhere you are on the compound, you will hear music playing from the ground. Literally! We were greeted with underground/garden radios. I think that was the coolest feature there.

Overall Impression of Ocean Coral Spring

The resort and environment felt like home. If you are looking to do a business trip, get a day pass or just somewhere to relax and get away for a couple of days, we’d totally recommend Ocean Coral Spring Resort. The environment is welcoming and comfortable, the scenery is next to none, and the architecture is really beautiful. It is not often that I consider revisiting a resort after my stay there, but for Ocean Coral Spring, it’s a definite yes! I’d visit there over and over again. We think you would love it! If you are looking for the ideal location to stay in Jamaica, this is a go.

Tell your family, co-workers and friends that you’ve gotten your recommendation to visit Ocean Coral Spring here at Resort Caribbean, and invite them to read about our experience. Like, share and comment on this post. Thanks for reading. May your next trip be superb!


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