What You Need to Know before Visiting Azul Beach Resort Negril Jamaica Gourmet All-Inclusive [Resort Review]


Cocktail at Azul Beach Resort Negril


With these summers feeling hotter, I know many of us long for some sort of relaxation where it is cool, yet tropical, and there is a perfect balance to beat the heat. I have an affinity for water, so I immediately knew Azul Beach Resort Negril is the place I wanted to end my summer vacation. Contrary to the aim of the mission, the trip became somewhat half indoors half outdoors, due to the weather. Thankfully, at Azul Beach Resort Negril, there are many activities that can be done indoors, or at a sheltered spot, and if you don’t mind a little extra water, on top of the numerous pools at the resort, then a little rain wouldn’t do any harm. On a rain free day, the sky is perfect, with the Caribbean sun radiating the skin, while the sea breeze caresses the face.

“Azul Beach Resort Negril is located at the perfect spot. It’s a resort chain right on the beach strip at the Western tip of the island of Jamaica. Azul Beach Resort Negril is a Gourmet All-inclusive resort, with luxurious facilities and accommodation for adults and the entire family.”
Night at Azul Beach Resort Negril


Azul Beach Resort Negril is located at the perfect spot. It’s a resort chain right on the beach strip at the Western tip of the island of Jamaica. Azul Beach Resort Negril is a Gourmet All-inclusive resort, with luxurious facilities and accommodation for adults and the entire family. Additionally, it is one of those resorts in Jamaica that designs its facilities and activities to suit specific needs and audiences. Azul Beach Resort Negril is the place if you’re looking for somewhere luxurious in the Caribbean to host your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or wedding, or, if you simply may be looking for somewhere to quietly get away with your partner. For these intimate activities, Azul Beach’s “adult only” sections would be ideal, as they aren’t infiltrated by kids or large family activities. There are of course other sections where you can enjoy activities with your family.

I’m eager to share the activities and my experiences with you while staying at Azul Beach Resort Negril, and I know you are excited to read, to see if Azul is the place for you to vacay. So, read on!


Upon entry, the compound looked relatively small, as there wasn’t any clear parking facility. The Azul Beach Resort compound itself doesn’t have any parking space, a part from where buses and carriages pick up and drop off, and leave the compound immediately. However, across the road from the main compound is a space where lengthier parking is facilitated.

The absence of space for parking could fool anyone, but the compound itself is a large one on an elongated stretch. They do very well with utilizing the space. No wonder there isn’t any space for parking. The Azul Beach Resort is a stretch of apartment-like buildings, where each block is built adjacent to another.

At nights, the structure is an architectural beauty, with the lights highlighting the architecture and landscape of the resort. This too makes it an attraction for architecture lovers. It has both a touch of modern and archaic style. 

In fact, human beings aren’t the only creatures interested in the luxury at Azul Beach Resort. When exploring at nights, be sure to look out for eight-legged arthropods. No need to worry however, crabs were the only arthropods spotted.


There are actually two lobby areas. Where you check in depends on your entry point. This makes sense, because imagine walking about 400 meters to find the check in point? Remember I said the compound is pretty elongated? Upon checking in, as expected, the staff were very friendly and helpful. It however took a while to onboard and be directed to our room. Everything is a bit different at resorts in Jamaica, due to the pandemic, so this is one of the factors which would slow down the process a bit, ensuring a temperature scan is done for all guests, and this is recorded manually on an agreement paper that had to be completed and signed.

Overall, the customer service is great! I was surprised, yet pleased to be asked if I’m okay, or asked, “wah gwaan?” so many times while walking around and enjoying my stay. Everywhere on the compound, there is a staff asking if you are okay, and they never walk pass you without a greeting.


The bed room was clean and cozy, with a queen-sized bed, bed side table, a work station, and a wine table. Around the bed were also ambient lights, which added that extra aesthetic to the room. Through the door is a balcony where one can enjoy the view. The best thing about this is that, no matter which room you book at Azul Beach Resort, you will have the same view from your balcony. You are able to see the beautiful landscape where the floral designed pools are located, activities happening outside your zone, and a glimpse of the ocean.

Depending on where you book, you might be able to have a more intimate experience with the pools, as some rooms don’t have a balcony where you can sit or stand and look out from to get a scenic view of the area, but you’d have the luxury of walking right out of your room and directly into the pool. Everything all depends on the type of experience you’d want to have.


The downside to all this comfort is that the room wasn’t the most accommodating. We applaud Azul for upgrading their bedrooms for more efficient use of technology, but the light control didn’t do much justice. There is a card that is inserted in a sensor which turns the lights on and keeps them on once the card is in, but once the lights are out, electricity goes completely off. You won’t be able to reduce the amount of lights turned on, while keeping electronics plugged in. If you’re a person who prefers dim lighting or a low lit room, this might annoy you. So, it’s essentially choosing your poison – no current to charge your phone, or very bright lights. We were also a bit disappointed that the television wasn’t smart or HD, so no Netflix, nor connecting to YouTube or anything else.

There is also a “No smoking” policy, so if you smoke in the rooms and management finds out, be prepared to pay a fine of $250.



We of course cannot fail to mention the room service. Not all resorts have this feature, so this was a plus for Azul. Light snacks and beverages can be requested, however, if you’re the person who rather to experience the exquisiteness of the dining facilities, then you are at will to explore!


I know this is everyone’s favourite part, and it was mine as well. When I saw that it was a gourmet all-inclusive resort, I immediately started to salivate. I couldn’t wait to see and taste all the variety Azul Beach Resort had to offer! Imagine a resort in Jamaica where you can enjoy top tier cuisines from all over the world.

There are about seven (7) restaurants that one can choose from. On top of that, there are several bars, including beach house and swim-up bars to chill at.


What’s a resort without it’s attractions and recreational facilities and programmes? Along with the food, the recreation is what makes the stay at a resort worthwhile. The experience given to guests, is what will motivate visitors to choose one spot over a next. Azul Beach Resort is not short of recreation. Whether you’re someone who values serenity and a nice cocktail, and wants to enjoy this while relaxing on the beach, or you’re someone who wants to immerse into the vibrant Jamaican culture and vibes, while enjoying alcoholic beverages, there will be options for you.

Azul Beach Resort doesn’t leave family out. Even the kids can bask in the fullness of what the resort has to offer. There are kiddies pools, and also a play ground area. Beside the kids playground is an area where teens and adults can enjoy games. There is a basketball court, a human-sized chessboard, and a table tennis court. There is also an archery area for archery lovers, but unfortunately, that was out of service for the time that we were there.


A resort with a gym is top tier. It allows you to strike a balance between wanting to eat all the gourmet food that you can, and staying in shape. If you will be staying at the resort for a while, like for a couple of weeks, you can consider gym machine hopping. Nonetheless, if you’re serious about getting in shape, there will be a gym instructor at your service. Beware, the exercises are savage! But I’m sure you’ll have fun like we did.


Pools are everywhere! The ubiquitous and strategically located pools are one of the key features of Azul Beach Resort. Just like the island that this resort is located on, the resort itself is one which features a pool everywhere. If you’re a private person, or you simply don’t like crowd, you need not to worry that there is only this one massive pool with a whole lot of people. You will be able to maintain your privacy anywhere as each set of pool is confined to a set of rooms, or section of the resort. In essence, each person has their own pool. Additionally, each pool area has a swim up bar. Therefore, there is ultimately no need to walk all the way to the official bars. Each swim-up bar offers unlimited cocktail, with some of their very own Jamaican mixes.


The beach is beautiful and extensive just like the resort, and without doubt, this is how the resort got its name – Azul Beach Resort. The waters are crystal and blue, and the sand is white, squishy and sparkly. The beach stretch is the life and heartbeat of Negril, Jamaica. There are just so many things to do, see and explore!

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the beach include: boat rides, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. These however come at an additional cost.


We didn’t get to experience this, but this service is available at the Vassa Spa and at the beach massage area. This comes at an extra cost of only $15. In this package, you also get a manicure and pedicure, so it’s definitely worth it!


These are adult only areas. While the Nesta Rasta Lounge operates all day, the Indigo Denim Bar operates only after 10 pm. At the end of the day, you can expect to let down your hair and enjoy some mellow and vibrant music, and of course, there’s no hanging out at a bar without alcohol.

Azul Beach Resort is increasing in popularity in Jamaica, but is still not known to many locals. It is however widely visited by foreigners. Additionally, based on research, the rating has increased, and is now deemed a 5-star resort, however, judging from our experience, we would give it a 4-star rating. It is exquisite and luxurious, but there could’ve been more “wow factors” Nonetheless, it is definitely worth the visit.

Nesta Rasta Lounge at Azul Beach Resort Negril
Nesta Rasta Lounge
Indigo Denim Bar at Azul Beach Resort Negril
Indigo Denim Bar

We went ahead and summed up our experience all in one video, do enjoy 🙂

Azul Beach Resort Negril Jamaica

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Azul Beach Resort Experience
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