Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Visiting Jamaica Pegasus Hotel for the 2023 New Year
New Year at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel Happy New Year! Thanks for spending another year around the sun with us. What better way to ring in the New Year than at a hotel? For 2023, the Resort Caribbean team decided to spend the New Year at one of Jamaica’s most popular hotels – Jamaica Pegasus. Does this “ring”...
visiting AC Hotel Marriott
Visiting AC Marriott by Marriott Bonvoy The Resort Caribbean team has finally visited Kingston’s most popular hotel, AC Marriott! AC Marriott is one of two hotels in Jamaica by Marriott Bonvoy. Marriott International is one of the largest resort and hotel chains worldwide, like Sandals that has several resorts in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Many might not know this, but...
What to Know before Visiting Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel
Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, Jamaica, is a popular Kingston based hotel. Just like Pegasus and AC Marriott, it is popular for the staging of events and its night life. One significant difference is that this one is entertainment geared. For example, it has a casino. Most hotels in Kingston, you cannot just pop up saying you're there for entertainment....
10 Reasons Why Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort is the Best
Before Booking Your Trip to Jamaica, Read This! Wondering whether you should change your currency to Jamaica dollars, when best to visit, where to go, how to get from point A to B, and what else to expect? Well, you've found the blog! Read this before booking your trip to Jamaica. Winter is approaching and you long to go somewhere warm,...
Why you should visit Jamaica for your Next Trip
Is visiting Jamaica on your bucket list for this year? If not, you might need to consider adding it because you're missing out on a lot! Everyone should visit Jamaica at least once in their lifetime. I've spoken to several Americans before who said they have never been to Jamaica. Some have visited other Caribbean countries, but not Jamaica....
rok hotel kingston
ROK Hotel Kingston is the newest hotel in Jamaica, owned by Hilton, opened on July 19,  2022. The Resort Caribbean team is proud to be one it's first set of visitors. We know you too are eager to see what they're all about, but before you book your trip, you need to know these things ten(10) things. It's the closest...
How to stay safe while travelling in Jamaica - 24 useful travel tips for visitors
Jamaica is known for it's beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and yes, our tropical attractions. On the other hand, we are equally known to be one of the most violent countries in the Caribbean. With this, I know that many prospective visitors have this one lingering question at the forefront of their minds..."is Jamaica safe?" Well, the obvious answer is...yes. Jamaica...
questions sandals resort
These are the 20 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Sandals Resort Jamaica. These aren't listed in any particular order, however they should address any questions that you might have about Sandals Resort Jamaica. 1. Does Sandals have a resort in Jamaica? Yes. There are Sandals Resorts located in Jamaica. 2. How many Sandals Resorts are there in Jamaica? There are seven(7) adult-only Sandals...
Catamaran Tour Ocho Rios
We know you’ve been anxious to know what else the Resort Caribbean family has been up to. This time, we decided on a full holiday experience with family and friends in Jamaica. We not only vacationed at a resort, but we included an off-island trip to complete the package. For our trip, we left the Moon Palace Resort in...
10 Reasons Why Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort is the Best
Visiting Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort Are you planning your next trip to Jamaica or the Caribbean? Or, probably you’re already on the island and you are searching for a resort to book your next vacation, business activity, or friend and family get together. Maybe you have an event and you need an attractive and luxurious venue, such as...




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