Visiting Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort

10 Reasons Why Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort is the Best

Are you planning your next trip to Jamaica or the Caribbean? Or, probably you’re already on the island and you are searching for a resort to book your next vacation, business activity, or friend and family get together. Maybe you have an event and you need an attractive and luxurious venue, such as a wedding, graduation ball or business conference. Well, you can find all of that in one place, which is at Moon Palace Resort.

Here are ten reasons why Moon Palace Jamaica All-Inclusive Resort is the best resort for you and your family:

1. It’s a Royal Palace in a Tropical Paradise

An actual palace. This is what Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort is. They totally nailed the concept of a palace because everything felt royal, euphoric and mystical. With it’s conspicuousness, it is impossible to pass through Ocho Rios, Jamaica without seeing it. It is also the most visible resort in the town, viewed from off the coast, which we will talk about in a future post. As a part of the Palace Resorts with facilities in several Caribbean and Latin American countries, Moon Palace Jamaica stands as one of the largest resorts in Jamaica. It also has one of the highest ratings. It is rated as a 4 star resort on Google Reviews, however, we believe it deserves more, and we’ll tell you why. Keep your eyes glued to your screen. 

2. It’s a family friendly resort

At Moon Palace, the entire family can enjoy the attractions and features. This trip was more of a family and friends trip. It was a very special one for the Resort Caribbean family, as we celebrated with our CEO, Mr. Fung for his birthday. There were a lot of children there, but no wonder, because they have a lot of programmes and attractions for them.

10 Reasons Why Moon Palace Jamaica All Inclusive Resort is the Best

3. Friendly Staff and Excellent Customer Service

Moon Palace is a large resort, so of course, they have a ubiquitous team of staff. Nonetheless, the staff is very friendly, open and offers great customer service. No matter the guest, they will try to relate to you. This is one of the most admirable things. They are also very kind and try to provide anything you ask for. Additionally, their room service was reactive, accommodating and was easy to contact.

4. You can eat before checking in

The lobby area is attached to the food court on the main building, so while we were waiting to be checked in, we were able to snack on a variety of food. This is one of the benefits of staying at Moon Palace. There is a cafe that is open 24/7 that serves dessert and snacks. That’s where we went first to get ice-cream. We then realised that we also had access to other places in the food court. There is a sushi snack bar, pizza outlet and burger outlet.

5. Access to facilities before checking in and after checking out

Once you enter through the main door, you have access to the facilities and food. Initially we didn’t know this, but soon after, we figured that this was possible. The only place that you may not be able to access is the bedroom. You can basically enjoy most aspects of the facility without checking in. You don’t find this at most resorts. 

6. Great View and Liveable Bedroom

Depending on the purpose of your visit and size of guests, your room will look different. We were at the family section where we were placed in the Family Deluxe. Yes, I say liveable because while the bedroom wasn’t the best feature of the resort or best we’ve seen, it was liveable. You should still be able to enjoy your experience because it has all the necessary features. They also stocked the fridge with a lot of drinks. Outside, there was a balcony, and from there you get the perfect view! You can see the town of Ocho Rios, the landscape of the Moon Palace property, the Caribbean Sea, and the surrounding mountains.

7. A Lot of Unique Features and Facilities

They totally played off the castle/palace theme well. The place looked like an actual palace, with numerous entrances and exits, rooms, stairs, mirrors and king chairs. There was also soft ambient music playing in some of the rooms and walk areas that added to this atmosphere. I remember making a comment saying “I felt like I’m in a palace”, then remembered that the name of the resort had something to do with the palace. Therefore, everything was intentional. They even had ballrooms with celestial names. I see what they did there, because “moon” is in the resort’s name, it made sense to incorporate a celestial theme.

8. Play Room

My favourite place to hang out was the playroom. It was also the favourite hangout spot for the kids that were with us. Both children and adults used the facility as it’s not only for the young, but also the young at heart. There was table Pawn Football, Table Tennis, Pac man, zombie shooting simulation game, car and bike racing simulation game, and basketball dunking. They also served snacks such as popcorn and drinks.

Water Activities

There weren’t only pools and swim-up bars, but other water activities such as a flow-rider surfing simulation, and water sports for kids and adults.

Other features

Other features include: conference rooms, resort attire store, loud bar, awe spa, which includes a hair salon, and external tours.

8. Unique Style of Entertainment

Just like other resorts, they had daily entertainment packages, however, their style of offering is a bit different. For example, in the disco lounge room called Club Noir, while the DJs were playing the music, they also projected the music videos associated with the song. I think this was pretty unique and cool. For the outdoor entertainment, it took place at a dining shed where you can eat while enjoying the live entertainment by the pool side. They also had a big hall that seems multipurpose, that they use for stage shows, such as their infamous Michael Jackson Show.

9. Food Galore!

What’s better than being somewhere where you have 24 hours access to good food? Food that you will actually like. At Moon Palace Resort, there are so many options for food and places where you can get them. It is possible for one to survive without even visiting any of the restaurants on the grounds of the facility to have a regular meal.

Some of their dining areas include: Gondola Italian restaurant, Boulangerie, Buccaneer’s Reef, Sundeck, Momo Chinese restaurant, Pier 8 and of course the Gourmet Corner. The most impressive thing about these is that you didn’t have to make reservations because they had enough space. And apart from these, there were also food facilities that weren’t necessarily for dining.

I liked that you don’t have to travel far to reach a restaurant to have your meal, but you can have it at the nearest spot. For example, the first night there, while the night show was going on at the poolside, they brought out some of the dishes from the main restaurant to the outside dining area, where audience members could easily access food, buffet style. This was only one of the options. There is a main a la carte restaurant inside this vicinity with greater food options, so if you prefer a greater range of options, it would be best to dine here.

More Than Dining

Additionally, there are snack bars, food carts and food huts dispersed all over. My favourite was the jerk hut. They served jerk pork and jerk chicken with festival, and corn. The amount was plenty, there were no long lines or crowds, and once they opened at 11:00 am, they always had enough, no matter what time you go. My other favourite was the red velvet cake. It was heaven! The icing was made with creamed cheese, so it has a really delicious cheesy flavour. It’s the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. I don’t need to tell you how many servings I’ve had because I don’t even remember!

At the end, we were able to take away food, and we could’ve used the container that they were served in. This is somewhat taboo, but when the food is great and abundant, there is no way you wouldn’t want to continue savouring the experience.

10. Authentic Tasting Dishes

This time, the jerk chicken tasted like actual jerk chicken, the pizza tasted like it was made with authentic and expensive cheese, and whatever other dishes there were, they were true to the authentic tastes of their culture. Maybe I am not able to speak much about other cultures, but the Jamaican dishes tasted authentic. Yes, this is in comparison to dishes I’ve tasted at other resorts that we’ve visited. One of the specialities that I believe also had an authentic flavour was the sushi from the sushi snack bar. I’ve had sushi before at other resorts, but the fish used tasted slightly cooked. However, at Moon Palace Resort, the sushi was served using sashimi, which is raw salmon and tuna, in the true spirit of authentic Japanese sushi. It was very delicious! Truly, I never imagined that one day I’d happen to consume raw meat and enjoy it. The sauces served with it also enhanced the flavour. They of course served soy sauce. It was also served with spicy mayo sauce. To top this off, it had to be eaten with chopsticks. I have a thing for Japanese culture, so I am glad I was able to experience one that feels real.

Overall Impression

Moon Palace Jamaica Resort is truly a gem. Maybe it’s not as hidden due to it’s literal size, but the experience there is certainly rare. So far it is the best that we’ve visited. Yes, I’ve probably previously said that other resorts were the best, but each time, after a new experience, some resorts just outdo the others. Until the Resort Caribbean team visits others and our expectations are likewise met, or even exceeded, we’ll have Moon Palace Resort as our best experience. Just prepare to explore because the facility is very large and has many entrances and exits, so it will be easy for you to get lost, but once you study the geography, you will be fine.

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If you’re traveling to Jamaica alone, ensure you take all the necessary measures to keep safe. Read about how you can stay safe while visiting Jamaica. If you decide to visit any resort, be sure to tag us in your photos and videos @resortcaribbean, and follow our socials: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.



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