Sexy Fun at Jamaica’s famous Nude Adult-only Resort Hedonism II – “Be Wicked for a Week”

visiting Hedonism II Negril

Ever read those erotica novels where the characters explore some out of this world fantasies? Well, there is a place in the Caribbean where you can realistically indulge in and satiate those wild sexual desires! When you think about Hedonism II, think Couple’s Retreat movie, with the difference that it’s a swinger’s paradise at a resort on the tropical island of Jamaica.

Hedonism II is an All-Inclusive Adult Only Clothing Optional lifestyle friendly Resort in Negril, Jamaica. It is located at Rutland Point in Negril nears Rick’s Cafe and Seven Mile’s Beach. Since it’s located in Negril, it’s approximately 45 miles from the Sangster’s International Airport (Montego Bay, Jamaica), which is the closest airport to the resort. As the name suggests, “hedonism”, is the belief that pleasure and happiness is the chief good in life, or the most beneficial outcome of any action. This is what you are bound to experience at Hedonism II – nothing but pleasure.

Hedonism II Negril, is the sexiest place on Earth

visiting Hedonism II Negril

Hedonism II or Hedo II is dubbed “the sexiest place on earth.” It is the world’s most iconic adult playground, where your fantasies can become a reality. “Be wicked for a week” is what you’ll see on a wall on the premise, and “pursue pleasure” – what you’ll see when you enter the gate. These put into perspective what you are expected to experience at Hedonism II. Pleasure can take many forms – it isn’t always about sex. You can literally do anything you find pleasurable.

Hedonism II welcomes any adult or adult group (preferably) who wants to spend a vacation in Jamaica, especially those who are just coming into the world of sex and want to explore their sexuality and unleash their wild side. This also doesn’t have to be solely about sex. As their tagline states, it is a place where you can go to have “sexy fun.” Many might have the conception that Hedonism II is just for swingers, but it’s not the case. Read on to know about the many other activities that are there.

You might believe that you cannot visit Hedonism II unless you are into open indulgent sexual activities, but that is not even a requirement. Hedonism is notable for having succulent satiating dishes and premium liquor, so some people visit only for the food. You can indulge in the activities as much as you like, or even be a voyeur, however, there is one major recommendation and this is that you have an open mind.

Hedonism 1 vs 2, Hedonism 2 vs 3

When you hear about Hedonism II, you might wonder if there is a Hedonism I. I thought about that too but there isn’t any. There is however a Hedonism III. The numbering is a mystery. It is said that Hedonism I is what you experience in the mind firstly. It’s how you think and condition your mind to experience Hedo II. As well as it could be due to the renovation that took place at Hedonism back in the days, hence, the new name or the ii at the end. Hedonism III, located in Runaway Bay changed it’s name to SuperFun Beach Resort and Spa, which is also an adult-only all-inclusive resort.

Is Hedo for me?

visiting Hedonism II NegrilBefore you book your trip, you first have to decide whether or not Hedonism II is for you. If you are an adventurous and open-minded person, it is a good start. The atmosphere is highly sexually charged, so for this reason, you also need to be able to practice some restraint and be respectful, as it is a consensual environment. Hedonism II has a very inclusive and non judgmental culture. The people who visit are very direct because consent and communication play a big role.

Hedo II is a wonderful environment to explore your sexuality, so if you’re sexually open, if you’re an upside down pineapple, or a swinger, you’re in the clear! If you’re not sure and just want to feel out the environment, there are no objections against that. I’ve heard stories of people who were just curious about hedonistic lifestyle and decided to just observe and socialize for the first time, then after that, they decide whether or not it’s for them.

What you should know before booking

Prude vs Nude

One of the concepts you must understand before booking is that of prude vs. nude. While the environment is not a totally conservative one, it’s not practical to expect first-timers to just visit and throw off their clothes. Remember it is a clothing optional resort. Activities and sections at the resort that give you the option to keep on your clothing are referred to as “prude”. That’s the mild side (if you’re not into nude or totally comfortable with it.) Then there is the nude side.  You definitely have to be nude at the nude section. The nude side is also said to be the hyper and more entertaining (of course, because this is the wild side!) You will have about ten minutes if you’re spectating or feeling out the environment to decide if you will go nude, then a security guard will approach you and ask you to take off your clothes or leave the area.

Don’t be too surprised about anything

Again, I stress the importance of being open-minded! You will see things that you’ve never seen before. People who have never publicly approached you might approach you. If you’re a heterosexual man, you might be approach by other men, you might be asked to join in on group activities, or you might even see people having sex in the open. It is imperative that if you see nude people, or others engaging in their acts, you do not make them uncomfortable.

The Marketing Manager recommends that you do your research first, lest you be surprised. To put it frankly hedonism is mostly about sexual activities, so you will see people having sex if you visit, or you might see orgy parties.  Read through blogs and reviews (Resort Caribbean is a good start), watch YouTube videos, and don’t just base your expectations on what’s on the website. There will be what’s marketed vs what REALLY happens. You also may not see many commercials or public information about Hedonism II because they already have a dedicated market-base who does all the marketing for them effortlessly.

Policies and Rules

Do not expect that you’ll find any photos or videos of what really happens at Hedo if you scrub the internet. There is a strict anti-recording policy, prohibiting these in certain areas and of the events. In fact, if you’re nude, where would you even keep your phone?

The resort is also said to not give room keys, but use armband access, because, where would you even keep the key?

What really goes on at Hedonism II?

Before you book, you have to know what to expect. Some recommend that you don’t expect too much before going, but still, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed if your basic expectations aren’t met.

The hedonistic activities are called “Sexy Fun”, which are described to get risky from time to time. Most are designed for you to engage in your sexual fantasies, in which, there is no limit. However, there two rules – ask permission before you touch & what happens at Hedo stays at Hedo.

visiting Hedonism II Negril

Nightly Activities at Hedonism II Negril

The entertainment there is strictly adult fun. There are different sexy theme nights to unleash different sides of you.

  • Sundays – Varying storytelling themed nights
  • Monday – Tropical Stimulation – Caribbean themed and carnival attire
  • Tuesday – Sexy Glow Rave – Wild and wet cosmic theme, little to no clothing, bright neon body paint, body rhinestone and bikini attire
  • Wednesday – Fetish Night – sexually indulging party, nude pool party during the day, no conservativeness. Dress code is sexy and sensual fetish wear such as: straps, leather, lace, lingerie, bondage wear, collars, cat suit, stilettos, furries
  • Thursday – Casino Night – Vegas themed, tux, sequins, showgirl costume, heels
  • Friday – Rockstar Gala – dress like and party like a rock star
  • Saturdays are typically more flexible. Jan – Mar (Hedonistic Professionals), April – Jun (Zoodonism), July – Sept. (Hedochella), Oct. – Dec. (Wild Western)

For more details on the Sexy Themed Nights, you can visit their website here.

visiting Hedonism II Negril

Daily Activities and Entertainment

Apart from the sexy themed nights, there are also other forms of entertainment at Hedonism II. There are water activities such as glass bottom boat rides, scuba diving, Catamaran ride to Rick’s Cafe, snorkeling, beach volleyball, pool sports and entertainment. There are land activities such as giant chess, Tennis, game room and lounge, a Fitness Centre, reading room, cool off gazebo and hammocks.

Nightly Entertainment

During the night, the entertainment team executes activities. There is a nightclub, voyeuristic show, live performances, and a piano bar.

Romping Shop Playroom and Happening Hut

visiting Hedonism II Negril

The playroom at Hedonism II is everyone’s favorite place! It allows you to explore and discover yourself in a non-judgmental environment. The playroom is open to couples, single females and invited single men. As it regards to what happens there? You would have to go to find out. Condoms and lubes are also given out upon entering the room. There is also a “Happening Hut” close to the playroom that is open 24 hours, where you are free to do anything!

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, there is a policy which prohibits guests on day and night passes to access the Playroom or Happening Hut.

Now that you’ve decided whether or not this is for you, let’s talk about booking.

Booking and Cost

Everyone is welcomed, however currently, there are concerns with single men booking the resort due to privacy and other concerns, stemming from mishaps in the past. It is recommended that single men book with other guests. There however aren’t many concerns about single women, couples or groups booking the resort.

If you are new to Jamaica, there are many travel companies that offer group booking. They also group you based on age, so that you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

Deals are always being offered at Hedonism II, but you can expect to book from USD $297 – $1942. Here are some current deals:

  1. Get Laid Away
  2. FAntaSea Week
  3. Girlfriends Playaway
  4. 3 Your Way
  5. Military Special 10% Discount

Cancellation Policy

As noted by Hedo II:-

“You may make changes or cancel the hotel portion of your stay without penalty charges provided you do so at least 31 days prior to arrival.
If you must cancel, then our policy is:

  • 30-8 days prior to arrival, 250.00 per person.
  • 7-1 days prior to arrival, full penalty.”

The Best and Worst Times to go to Hedonism II

This is totally up to your preference and what you want to experience. Themed nights may vary throughout the year but the good news is that they are planned a year in advance. Therefore, if you want to have a particular experience, it’s best you check ahead of time what will be happening in the upcoming months. There is however a time of the year when there aren’t many swingers. This is usually during Dream Weekend when people are merely looking for a place close-by to bunk, which is usually held in the months of July and August.

Food and Service

Finally, the most important part. The food! Eating food is the most pleasurable thing on earth and you have to eat actual food too, to survive. Hedonism II is not just about the carnal lure, but it’s holistically designed for you to indulge your other senses, which includes your taste. Hedonism II is reputable for having some of the most appetizing and exotic dishes and the most hospitable staff. You will get to indulge in scrumptious exotic food, any cocktail or liquor you can think of, while you revel in the pleasure. Alcohol is also great for you to release your inhibitions if you’re a self-conscious person.

The staff is well trained and non-judgmental, who enforces the rules to ensure your safety, as well as serve you, but also give you the space and freedom to indulge in your own pleasure. Staff members however are prohibited from participating in the hedonistic activities.

Other Resorts Like Hedonism II

If for some reason you aren’t ready to visit Hedonism II, there are other adult-only resorts in Jamaica that you could visit such as Azul Beach Resort that the Resort Caribbean team has once visited. Read about our experience here. Others include Secrets Wild Orchid, Couple Towers Isle, Couple’s Resort, Sandals Royal Caribbean, and Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall that the team will be visiting soon. It is not guaranteed that these are like Hedonism II, as Hedo is the only clothing optional resort in Jamaica, so if that’s specifically what you want to experience, we recommend that you book a trip there.

If you’ve visited Hedonism II, let us know about your experience in the comments. Also follow us on Instagram.



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